My name is Luke Halstead, and I have recently graduated the University of Lincoln with a 2:1 in BA Media Production (Hons) where I studied film and graphic design.
I have been making films since my early teenage years. The films I produced cover a wide variety of genres from drama to comedy, from documentaries to promotional content. My personal strengths lie with editing, though I have plenty of experience in cinematography, writing and directing as well. Most of the editing, directing and shooting on my website were performed by me or as part of a project with other creatives; each entry on my site specifies what I did. Before that, I have had several years’ experience creating and posting content for YouTube as well.
For my films, I often make use of DSLR cameras (a Canon 70D, to be exact) though I have experience with the Sony FS series. I edit on Adobe Premiere (with plenty of experience on other CC software such as InDesign and After Effects) and I have had past experiences with other types of professional cameras and Avid Media Composer as well.
Film is not my only area of specialty; I have plenty of experience in graphic design (with clients) and music composition – all skills which I feel will make me a valuable addition to your team who can adapt and can think outside the box with ease. With these skills, I have had plenty of experience using the whole of the Adobe Creative Cloud. My website should help show some of the range of projects I have worked on in and around my time of university. I am constantly putting myself out of my comfort zone to test myself and raise the creative bar for myself.
On this website, you will find a list of highlights and current projects I am working on (all are clickable links to relevant pages on YouTube or my website). All the films on this list I directed, shot and edited and all the designs are ones I developed myself. This shows that while I am a good team worker, I am very capable of quickly and easily adapting to different roles or working on my own if required to do so.
By working with you, I hope to collaborate with you to create the engaging new content you desire, as well as test myself and push my creative ability to new heights. I am always bursting with new ideas and am very excited to have the chance to work with you.
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